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An informal gathering of solo paddlers, manufacturers & vendors of solo canoes & paddling equipment.

The Western PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous is a gathering of solo canoe enthusiasts held on the first weekend in June each year at the Coopers Lake Campground - Slippery Rock, PA . It features various manufacturers and designers of solo canoes with demo models of their boats available for test-paddling; demonstrations of, and informal instruction in, FreeStyle paddling; assorted programs on various aspects of canoe design, construction, and use in the real world; food; live entertainment. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in solo canoes for 60 some hours (or more) to the exclusion of all other reality.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own solo craft, since at least part of the experience is being able to look over (and perhaps paddle) a large array of classic solo canoes that you just don’t see all that often.

There is no charge for the Event per se, though the Campground does charge a modest fee for DayTrippers, and of course assesses a fee for camping...

Our last rendevous was

Friday June 2-Sunday June 4, 2017

Coopers Lake Campground - Slippery Rock, PA


A very good day

Our next rendevous will be

Friday June 1-Sunday June 3, 2018

Coopers Lake Campground - Slippery Rock, PA


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